A Children's Book On Bishop Richard Allen

A Nonviolent Journey

Bishop Richard Allen


Richard Allen was born on February 14, 1760 in Philadelphia as a slave to Benjamin Chew.  He and his family were sold to Farmer Stokley when Richard was 7. At 17 years old, Richard’s family was sold, leaving Richard by himself. Farmer Stokley allowed Richard to buy his freedom for 2,000 dollars. He soon started to teach himself how to read and write so he could fulfill his dream of becoming a preacher for the Methodist Church. With some hard work and determination, he became a free man in 1783.  He set out on foot to share God’s love. He worked hard to help other people by starting the Free African Society.  After overcoming racial conflict with the Methodist Church, Richard then established the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1794.  He died on March 26, 1831 but his passion of love and equality lives on.

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